In spring 1993 I bought my first papillon. BELLA MONDEE Anrec-Til with granddaughterThen I started to be interested in breeding these dogs. It happend as follows: The year before I took place in International Dog Show in Nitra with my flander bouvier I saw a lady carrying little something with long fringy ears. I was so fascinated this view! Next months I looked for the race it was. And when I found a puppy for sale I was decided. At our home were only dog females and our new dog had to be a female too. She was our lucky BELLA MONDEE Anrec – Til.

On the walk with our papillon ladies We took part in some dog shows and passed evaluation. Then I asked for the registration of the international protected name of our kennel by FCI. My created name SOL EDO was accepted as the name of the papillon breed. Since that time we have bred only papillons. We love papillons. We are the family hobby breed in the main. We don´t have any cages or hutches, our dogs are part of our family.

We breed only puppies with pedigree. To new families they go very good socialized, with chip and Europassport and a purchase contract of course. We are glad to be all the time in contact with new owners and look at the growth of our litters and help their owners with problems if they occure.

Eva Dostalova         


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